Lancome La Vie Est Belle Nourishing Fragranced Body Lotion 200ml

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Nourishing Fragranced Body Lotion 200ml

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The longing for sun and sea comes alive. The scent of salty wind is in the air and the nearby sea of ​​flowers wafts its beguiling scents over. The summer day in the dazzling light should never end. Fantasies of summers past don’t have to fade – they will come back to life! The LancĂ´me body care La vie est belle keeps its promise: to make life more beautiful and pleasant with this body lotion . 

Care that invites you to dream

 The body lotion provides the skin with a mixture of high-quality ingredients that is intensive and sufficient. Tonka beans, vanilla and jasmine are just some of the numerous aromas that make body care a real experience. Orange blossom, patchouli and iris complement the potpourri of fragrant scents. The body milk gets its gentle creaminess from the luxurious royal jelly, which gently caresses the skin. With LancĂ´me La vie est belle you can bring summer back to your skin and bring the sparkle of the sun’s rays to life on your skin with integrated glitter particles.

Moisturise and comfort the skin with the luminous Lancome La Vie Est Belle Nourishing Fragranced Body Lotion, a luxuriant, silky fluid.

Created to pamper the skin and restore smoothness, the lightweight yet deluxe body lotion illuminates the skin with essential hydration. After use, skin feels soft and touchable, and is enveloped in the unmistakable gourmand aroma of Iris Pallida and a fine delicacies accord, the sumptuous signatures of La Vie Est Belle.

Smooth all over dry skin after showering. Follow with the La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum for lasting fragrance.