LANGÉ PARIS – Carat Prestige Collection (5pc Wholesale Pack Worth 500CHF)

LANGÉ PARIS – Carat Prestige Collection (5pc Wholesale Pack Worth 500CHF)

CHF 290.00

PRESTIGE TREATMENTS WITH ANTI-AGING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. The high-performance answer to regain all the radiance of youthful skin.

Phyto-Active Day Cream MSRP CHF 105.90

LANGÉ has designed the Phyto-Active Day Cream, a prestigious and exceptional comfort day treatment with Mimosa and Lily of the Valley fragrance. Its high content of Dermochlorella D (marine active rich in peptides and amino acids), gives it an important activity to stimulate collagen synthesis.

Phyto-Active Eye Mask MSRP CHF 86.99

A flash beauty mask, to clear signs of fatigue and wrinkles around the eyes. The LANGÉ mask is exceptionally rich in high-tech natural complexes, to relax and decongest the eye contour.

Phyto-Active Genie Eye Serum MSRP CHF 81.32

The concentration of the active ingredients contained in the formula will boost efficiency and thus help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but also to maintain the elasticity of the skin and increase its firmness.

Algo-Active Night Cream MSRP CHF 111.58

A powerful ultra-rich cocktail, based on Padina Pavonica seaweed, which stimulates the internal mechanisms of hydration of the skin, for a regained suppleness. For a restoration of the softness and firmness of the skin, with extreme comfort.

Miracle Algo-Active Serum MSRP CHF 102.12

The new Miracle Serum is made up of high-tech natural active ingredients, for a “Lipofilling” effect. These active ingredients stimulate skin cellular metabolism and reduce visible signs of aging by reidentification and smoothing of the epidermis.

About LANGÉ-Paris

LANGÉ combines tradition and modernity by combining for its assets, the millenary virtues of extracts of nature and the latest generation biotechnological innovations. We use natural or natural extracts for our products, capable of competing with the increasingly sophisticated molecules developed by synthetic chemistry. This requirement at the source makes it possible to obtain the most concentrated and rich natural ingredients in active ingredients.

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